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With deep roots Paul Shark Yachting Kleidung

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With deep roots Paul Shark Yachting Kleidung planted firmly in sports culture, there may not be any one widely produced garment that gives a sportier appearance than polo shirts do. They are the perfect casual wear garment with so many colors and patterns to choose from that anyone can find a few to suit their style. Although they were invented out of a need for athletes to move freely and comfortably, those very same qualities are what have made these shirts the popular wardrobe staple that they are today.

Versatility with Polo Shirts

Since Paul Shark poloshirt kaufen they match virtually anything, it doesn’t require much preplanning or thinking to throw together an outfit in a hurry. If you have a pair of jeans or khaki slacks and a few of them, then you have a no-hassle wardrobe that is ready to go when you are. To add to the beauty of these versatile garments is the fact that you can find them in any color and patterns ranging from horizontal stripes to plaid. If you are a bit more adventurous, you may even find some that are adorned with bright, tropical floral print-perfect for your trip to the beach.

Paul Shark Outlet Shop are a staple garment used by men

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Paul Shark Outlet Shop are a staple garment used by men and women worldwide. It is an ideal attire for both sport and casual wear, where you want to be a little bit smarter than “just a t-shirt”.

It was a shirt designed originally for the comfort of polo players and other athletes. It gained popularity from the 1930s when Rene Lacoste cut off the long sleeves of the traditional sports shirt and applied buttons only part way down.

Prior to that the uncomfortable shirts were long sleeved, with buttons going all the way down and with formal collars. The Polo-Shirt revolutionised sports wear in the early 20th century.

You will probably paul shark hemden recognise the alligator logo of the Lacoste brand nowadays. This is because Rene Lacoste put this emblem on his shirts to indicate the lengthier back (tail) of his shirts. The polo player from Argentina called Lewis Lacey chose a different emblem. He put a polo player on his shirt brand and thus “Polo Shirts” were born!

Polo players discovered that this new shirt layout is a great deal more comfortable than the traditional shirt. In addition to the button and collar changes, the new shirt was made from a kinder, softer material. Nowadays, it has transformed into an essential item of all gentleman’s closet, almost all of whom have not played polo.

So when did polo shirts become an essential fashion item? It was when, in 1972, Ralph Lauren included them in a fashion line he named “Polo”. In modern office life it is common to have a casual dress day, and the Polo Shirt was an ideal way for a man to dress his torso for such a day!