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The oil painting is a technique that aims

oil painting

The study of Chinese realist painting, but also explore the Westernization Movement, Restoration Reform Movement, the New Culture Movement and other Chinese political and cultural development background, when Kang Youwei Although the history of Western painting there were misreading, but the realism of the Western oil paintings still have problems Insights, in his “Travels 11 countries in Europe,” Rafael praised the painting as “T Yi Yi Miao, lively, more Rao Yun Xiang, Cheng Yi also God,” and “show its health-Yun, who must have independence “And” far from angry, Shenmiao forced true, the name is true also, “These kind words are” realistic. ” Kang Youwei respected realist “classic” and his words deep. Chen Duxiu in the “art of revolution – by Lu Zheng,” also said, “the painter must be realistic, and be able to play to their talent, painting their paintings, ancient Kejiu not charged.” Chen Duxiu on the “art revolution” And “realism” and “spirit of realism,” the idea of the May 4th Movement in the new culture of science, carry forward the spirit of democracy have had a profound impact.

The oil painting is a technique that aims to create an image on a surface by applying it to color with oil. The oil painting appeared in Europe in the late Middle Ages, where she was quickly adopted for the more easy to use, it allowed a greater variety of effects than existing techniques based wax, such as paint in encaustic, or water-based, such as tempera. It is the Dutchman who developed the oil colors from the 15th century, mixing pigments with linseed oil.