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War On Want brionioutletstore Fashion Victims

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War On Want brionioutletstore Fashion Victims: The true cost of cheap clothes at Primark, Asda and Tescois a particularly useful resource in looking at Tesco involvement in the exploitation of workers, especially when you come to realise that in 2005 aloneTesco made a profit of £2.21 billion.

War On Want research occured with 60 workersbetween August and October 2006 at six factories across Bangladesh. Aseach factory contained well over 500 workers, then you may be thinking thatbysimply interviewing 10 workersfrom each factory doesn give a clear representation of the entire population and this would be true. However, in saying this,I personally feel that asthe experiences I amgoing to write about are quite similar, thensuch a number from each factory is plausable. Moreover, as Factory A, D, E and Fwere the ones which produced products primarily for Tesco but also for Asda/George and Primark too then theseare going to be the ones discussedfor the basisof this post.

Asda, Tesco and Brioni Jackets outlet have all signed up to the following Code of Conduct, however from some of the case studies War on Want give, it is hard to see why they have in fact signed up to the Code: